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  • Easily pronounce words and tones correctly

    My system will get you solid on the sounds and tones of Thai in no time. Once you study with my method, it'll all come naturally.

  • Thai people will understand you every time

    Do Thai people look at you funny when you try to speak Thai to them? Do they think you're speaking English and don't understand? That won't happen after you take my course.

  • Master the alphabet and read everything

    My method simplifies learning the alphabet so you'll be a master in no time. Easily read signs and menus and decode the world around you.

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"I've been studying with Brett for 2 months and I'm blown away by the progress I've made. I can read anything in Thai, understand the tone and properly pronounce it. After learning how to read, he started teaching me practical vocabulary, sentence structure and how to speak like a Thai (which is way different than what most language books will teach you, of course). I live in Thailand and my experience here has drastically improved since studying with Brett. I've been sending fellow expats his way ever since my first lesson - this guy knows what he's doing."

- Travis from USA

"In 3 hours, I'd pummeled the thai alphabet into my head. All those squiggly lines and curly characters? I know 'em. It's been a smooth ride ever since. 3 months down the road and I can read pretty much everything (and understand a helluva lot more of what's going on around me). This makes living in Thailand a blast. Also, when I hear other foreigners speaking Thai who haven't learned the alphabet, they sound ridiculous and nothing like the way they should sound."

- John from Australia

"Been studying with the white guy for almost a year now, that should tell its own story. You really do get the alphabet cracked in a matter of hours!! Brett's ability to unravel the mystery has really opened up a lot of doors for me. Every lesson I'm learning new material, on stuff I want to learn about. I feel so confident holding conversations knowing the language I'm using is the real deal!! No more over-polite robot speech!! This confidence combined with a no-pressure learning environment is what keeps me coming back for more!!"

- Matt from UK

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