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Thai Mobile App Update

I’ve added in the vowels.  The numbers are next.  The app presents the consonants in the same order as my web course.


Iphone app for learning Thai

iphone app for learning Thai


Iphone app for learning Thai


Note that this app was designed to help you out for when you forget the class or pronunciation of a particular consonant.  It is not intended as a full course, nor will it magically teach you Thai.  Learning a language involves a lot of work and there are no secret hacks to getting good.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  I’ve been doing this stuff with a bunch of languages for a long time and my goal with this blog and any products I release is to save you time, stress and hopefully make the process go a little bit smoother.  

Think the app needs more?  Tell me what and why it’d help and we’ll talk.  





  1. Sounds interesting! I would like to try it out! Thanks!

  2. Dave Toussaint says

    You need a proof-reader! Unless I am mistaken you meant to say ‘ ..a lot of languages’ , not ‘a log of languages’. here is your context and mistake: “Learning a language involves a lot of work and there are no secret hacks to getting good. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. I’d done this before with a log of languages.” I have only just opened your page and spotted it straight away.there are probably other errors. I am willing to help.

  3. If you used 7 columns (and left a few strategic gaps) you’d see all the yellow and red aksaras (not to mention all the [un]voiced, [un]aspirated and stop/ fricative/nasal categories) magically aligned vertically. Thai alphabetical order, like the Devanagari it’s derived from, is (mostly) logical!

    • Hey Richard – Thanks for writing. I’m not entirely sure how that would make the app any more useful for the average learner. The purpose of that screen is so a learner can quickly find out the class and hear the pronunciation of a particular letter.

  4. Hello! So is the name of the app just “Thai Alphabet”? I am trying to find it on the app store on my iPhone but don’t seem to see one that appears to be the same. Also, is there a cost? I am not opposed to paying, but just want to make sure that I get the right one. Oh, and I just paid for your course…hope it goes well! Thanks!

  5. Hi Brett,
    is the app also for the iPhone and if so, what is the name of the app?


  1. todo list app android tutorial

    Learn Thai from a White Guy: Thai Alphabet App Updated! – Learn Thai From A White Guy

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