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Hi, I'm Brett, and my mission is to help learners learn Thai quickly and enjoyably.

My journey with Thai wasn't smooth at first, but I achieved fluency without the traditional classroom setting.

Over 15 years of teaching Thai to foreigners, I refined a proven system that makes learning Thai enjoyable and effective, and I'm excited to share this with you.

My 4-course program takes you from a complete beginner to being able to learn to speak Thai and handle basic conversations in just a few months.

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I'm just like you. I faced the same struggles while learning Thai, and the lack of effective systems frustrated me. That's why I created my own method.

Felt defeated by language learning before? You're not alone. Many face the same challenge, often due to past educational experiences.

But my method is very different and it works. It's crafted to show you, one step at a time, that mastering Thai is within reach. And the best part? You can experience this approach firsthand through the free lessons.

With this learn Thai program, the language becomes accessible and enjoyable, no matter your past experiences with languages. Together, we'll make your journey to fluency an achievable one.

"I just want to say this course is absolutely fantastic. I am surprised how far I have come in just a few months thanks to your course." "
- Glen, Australia
"I've tried many Thai language courses, but LTFAWG is by far the best. It logically organizes lessons, has high-quality audio, and makes learning Thai tones easy."
- Tim, USA

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Remember, I had all the same problems you do, and so did all of my students who came before you. Can you sit down for at least 15 or 20 minutes each day to learn something new? If the answer is yes, you can learn to speak and read basic Thai, and understand the tones within just a few months. Are you ready?

Welcome to your learn Thai journey with me, Brett. Whether you're a beginner or just someone looking to level up your existing skills, I'm here to guide you. My courses are designed to make learning Thai enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Say goodbye to language barriers, connect with locals, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Thailand. Join me today and let's embark on this exciting journey together.