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How To Say The Months In Thai

Learning the months of the year in Thai is a great way to increase your vocabulary when learning Thai.  Just like the days of the week in Thai, you might find that Thai months often come up in day to day conversations like “I’m going on holiday in June”.

how to say the months in Thai


It may require a bit of brute force to get all the months into your head as some of the month names are quite long and not related to anything else a beginner is likely to encounter.  You will remember them faster if you can associate each month with important or meaningful events for example “my birthday is in September” or “Christmas is in December.”  Just spend a few minutes a day on these until you get them.  Come back anytime and use the flashcards towards the end of the lesson to help you review.

Thai Months: A Quick Reference

*In colloquial speech, you can drop the last syllable of each month.

Thai Months Flashcards

These 12 flashcards are for the colloquial, spoken version of the Thai months.  That means we’ve left off the last syllable.  It’s easier to learn the main part of each word first.  After you know these, it’s easy to add on the last syllable if you know how many days are in each month.

In formal documents, it’s usually alright to write the abbreviation (see table below), but

  • ยน (yon) is added on to months with 30 days.
  • ​- คม​ (khom) is added on to months with 31
  • พันธ์ (phan) is added on to February
  • มกรา
    January (mok-ka-raa)
  • กุมพา
    February (kum-paa-phan)
  • มีนา
    March (mee-naa)
  • เมษา
    April (meh-saa)
  • พฤษภา
    May (preut-sa-paa)
  • มิถุนา
    June (mi-thu-naa)
  • กรกฎา
    July (ka-rak-ka-daa)
  • สิงหา
    August (sing-ha)
  • กันยา
    September (kan-yaa)
  • ตุลา
    October (ttu-laa)
  • พฤศจิกา
    November (preut-sa-ji-kaa)
  • ธันวา
    December (than-waa
  • All Done!

How To Say The Thai Months

Month (English)Month (Thai) - FullAbbreviation
January มกราคม (mok kka raa khom)ม.ค.
February กุมภาพันธ์ (kkum paa pan)ก.พ.
March มีนาคม (mee naa khom)มี.ค.
April เมษายน (may saa yon)เม.ย.
May พฤษภาคม (preud sa paa khom)พ.ค.
June มิถุนายน (mi tu naa yon)มิ.ย.
July กรกฎาคม (kka rak ka daa khom)ก.ค.
August สิงหาคม (sing haa khom)ส.ค.
September กันยายน (kkan yaa yon)ก.ย.
October ตุลาคม (ttu laa khom)ต.ค.
November พฤศจิกายน (preud sa ji kkaa yon)พ.ย.
December ธันวาคม (tan waa khom)ธ.ค.

Notice that the months end with either – คม (khom) or – ยน (yon) with the exception of February which ends with พันธ์ (pan).

The easy way to remember this pattern is that all of the months that have 31 days end with คม (khom) whereas all the months that have 30 days end with – ยน (yon). February is the odd one out here as it only has 28 or 29 days so it ends with พันธ์ (pan).  

It’s always good to remember the full version but if you can’t remember which month ends with – คม (khom) or – ยน (yon), don’t panic as the endings are often dropped in everyday speech.  

The abbreviations are for written Thai only.  If you read the newspaper in Thai then you might see the abbreviated version of the month, but if you were to read it out loud, you would still say the full version.

How To Say The Date in Thai

To be able to say dates in Thai you’re going to need to be confident with Thai numbers first.

To say ordinal numbers in Thai (first, second, third etc) you just need to add ที่ (tee) before the number. 

For example:

Now to say the date you just add the Thai word for “day” –  วัน (wan) before ที่ (tee) and combine them together to make: 

So the structure for saying the date is:

How to Ask the Date in Thai:


Let’s look at some examples:

Example Sentences With Thai Months

Last Month, This Month, Next Month

Sometimes you might want to say “last month”, “this month”, “next month” in Thai.  The way to say this is:



Let’s look at some example sentences with these words:

Months and Months – How They Came To Be

All of the months in Thai are named after the signs of the zodiac.  Like many words in Thai, the names of the months are derived from Sanskrit.  For example the Thai word for January – มกราคม(mok kka raa khom) comes from the Sanskrit word มกร (ma kka ra) meaning “sea monster”.  In Thai, the word for Capricorn is ราศีมังกร(raa see mang kkon). 

The words อาคม (aakhom), อายน (aayon) and พันธ์ (pan) are derived from Sanskrit and each mean “to come” or “the arrival of”.  So the Thai word for January – มกราคม (mok kka raa khom) means “the arrival of Capricorn”.  February – กุมภาพันธ์ (kkum paa pan) means “the arrival of Aquarius” and so on.

Zodiac Sign (English)Zodiac Sign (Thai)Sanskrit Word & Meaning
Capricorn ราศีมังกร (raa see mang kkorn) มกร (ma kka ra)
Aquarius ราศีกุมภ์ (raa see kkum) กุมภ์ (kkum)
Pisces ราศีมีน (raa see meen) มีน (meen)
Aries ราศีเมษ (raa see mayd) เมษ (mayd)
Taurus ราศีพฤษภ (raa see preud sop) พฤษ (preud sa)
Gemini ราศีมิถุน (raa see mi tun) มิถุน (mi tun)
Cancer ราศีกรกฎ (raa see kko ra kkod) กรกฎ (kko ra kkod)
Leo ราศีสิงห์ (raa see sing) สิงห (sing ha)
Virgo ราศีกันย์ (raa see gan) กันย (gan ya)
Libra ราศีตุลย์ (raa see ttun) ตุล (ttun)
Scorpio ราศีพิจิก (raa see pi jik) พิจิก (pi jik)
Sagittarius ราศีธนู (raa see ta nuu) ธนู (ta nuu)


Well done!  Now you know how to say all of the months of the year in Thai.  Remember the best way to memorize each month is to associate it with an important event.  And the most important thing is to get out there and practice what we’ve just learned in real life.