Why learn Thai?

Why learn Thai?

Why bother learning Thai? After all, you don’t need it if you are living in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or any of the other heavily farang’d out cities. Sure, you’ll probably get ripped off now and then, have trouble doing stuff like opening bank accounts, going to the dentist or getting a haircut, but it’s not that big of a deal. Right?

If you did bother to learn Thai, you just might:

  • Make more friends
  • Really get to know people and have a better grasp of why they do things that are different than what you might do.
  • Have more fun
  • Pay the same prices as locals do
  • Know for sure whether or not they are really talking about you or if it’s just in your head…

Just do it.  Everything will be better.  I promise.  Get started with the Thai alphabet.

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