Your First Thai Lesson

Your First Lesson

Welcome to your first Thai lesson! If you learn the Thai alphabet and understand how it works, you’ll also understand the sounds and tones of the language. We’re going to start with the first three letters, , and . Click them to hear the sound.

Every letter in the Thai alphabet has a name. As this course is written with the complete beginner in mind, we are going to use the English translation of the names of the letters to give us our first mnemonics (memory devices). Click on each one to hear the sounds they make, but for now just try to remember the names and the shape of the letter.

– kid; child ( เด็ก)
mnemonic: A kid in a white-sheet ghost costume, but with only 1 eye hole

– chicken ( ไก่)
mnemonic: This one’s easy. It looks like the head of a bird!

 – fish ( ปลา)
mnemonic: Imagine a fishhook except it’s a bit squared up rather than round. The little circle on the hook can be the bait.

Now, spend a few minutes practicing the hell out of these 3 letters with the flashcards below. Tomorrow you’ll receive the full lesson so getting these down now will give you a good head start.

  • child

  • fish

  • chicken
  • chicken
  • fish
  • child
  • All Done!

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