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Hi, I'm Brett and I want to help people learn to speak Thai as fast as possible.

I really struggled to learn Thai at first, but I managed to get fluent without ever studying at a school.

I developed a system over 10 years of teaching Thai to other foreigners, and now I'd like to offer this to you.

The 50+ lesson Thai foundation course takes the average learner about 2 weeks to complete all of the lessons. This is a very realistic goal to aim for with 30-45 minutes of study each day.

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"I read a sign placed at the front of someones home today and I recognised every sound. Wow! I couldn't believe I remembered. Love the approach! Thanks for creating a learning sequence so easy to follow, I'm actually having fun."


Who am I?

I'm just a guy who went through all the same struggles you are facing and I was so frustrated that I couldn't find a good system for learning to speak Thai so I created my own.  

If you think you're tone-deaf, or bad at learning languages, I can help. Because, I've done all this before the hard way and I really just want to make it easier for everyone who comes after me to learn to speak Thai fluently.