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Learn to Speak and Read Thai!

Easy 4 Course Online Thai Program: 

(Sounds, Core Sentences, Dialogues) 

The Fastest Way to Learn Thai

Kickstart your journey to mastering Thai with this 4-course program designed to teach you the core skills you needed to start speaking and reading Thai with confidence!

  • Learn the Thai Script, Sounds and Understand How Tones Work 
  • Drill High-Frequency Thai Sentences you can use TODAY!
  • Engage in Basic Everyday Dialogues

Why Choose the Learn Thai Inner Circle program?

  • Fast-Track Your Thai Language Skills: Focus your time and energy on learning the core skills you need in order to hit the ground running with Thai. 
  • Proven Methodology:  I’ve been using my method for over 17 years and it’s helped more than 12,000 Thai learners level up their Thai.  
  • Get Results: The first course, Read Thai in 2 Weeks will put you so far ahead of any other basic Thai language class or online course you will be amazed.  
  • Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied for any reason, request a refund within 30 days.

Ready to learn to Thai fast?  Join thousands of other learners in the Inner Circle and Get Started Today!

Master Thai Pronunciation!

lips pursed together to form an ooh sound
Puzzled by prounciation? Terrible with tones? It's easier than you think.

Read Signs and Menus!

thai sign - no entry
You'll be able to read the Thai in this sign a few days from now.

Make New Friends!

six attractive women huddled together
Thai people will actually understand you! I'll feed you all the core sentences you need to master.

"Brett's ability to unravel the mystery of Thai language has really opened up a lot of doors for me"

“It’s amazing how well it works. In 2 weeks, I was able to read the entire alphabet. – Mike, USA

“You’re able to learn pieces at a time and it doesn’t feel overwhelming” – Maren, USA

“Brett made it fun and easy to remember and now I can now read and write short words in Thai and have a full understanding of the tones.” – Glen, New Zealand

“Understanding how tones work has changed how I speak Thai.” – John B

*Disclaimer: All these people learned to read the Thai script using the first course in my Learn Thai Inner Circle program in a fairly short period of time. I can’t make any guarantees about how long it will take YOU to learn the script and sounds. But, if you spend 30-60 minutes a day on the course, you shouldn’t have any problem finishing the course within about 2-4 weeks after which you’ll be well on your way.
I’m always available to help if you get stuck or have questions as you go through the program. – Brett

Hi, I'm Brett - Your Thai language mentor and the creator of this program

Brett hiking on Doi Suthep mountain in Thailand

Have you struggled with traditional Thai language resources and and struggled to communicate effectively with Thai people? My learn Thai program is meant to take you from total beginner to a conversational level.

The most pivotal step in this process is completion of the first online course in the Inner Circle program, Read Thai in 2 Weeks.

The first course typically requires anywhere from 20-40 hours ( to complete depending on your study habits and retention.  Afterwards, you will likely want to continue doing some of the practice drills a few minutes a day until you are confident with the script, sounds and tones rules which could go on for weeks or months depending on your goals.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from unlimited email support throughout your enrollment in this program. Feel free to reach out whenever you have questions—I’m here to assist you. Remember, while I can’t do the work for you, I can show you the way and help you get results faster.

“I can finally read signs on the street and I’ve started to chat with friends on Line and WhatsApp and I feel very motivated to keep learning.”

– Toño, Spain


“I LOVE THIS!!!!   I’m a language major, French and Italian in Switzerland, easy-peazie Romance languages – then moved to Poland in the 90’s –  that was tough, but at least the same alphabet.  It’s been years since and Thai is my first attempt at learn a tonal language with another alphabet.  Your system is KILLER!!!! AND it’s FUN!!! THANK YOU!!!!”





Billed Every 90 Days
$ 147
($49/Month Billed per 90 Days)
Cancel Anytime
  • Read Thai in 2 Weeks:
    Master the Thai Script and Sounds
  • Core Sentence Packs (2 Courses)
  • Talking Thai: Core Dialogues Course
  • Flashcards and Audio
  • Unlimited Email Support
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Billed Every 6 Months
$ 227
($38/Month Billed per 180 Days)
Cancel Anytime
  • Read Thai in 2 Weeks:
    Master the Thai Script and Sounds
  • Core Sentence Packs (2 Courses)
  • Talking Thai Course: Core Dialogues
  • Flashcards and Audio
  • Unlimited Email Support

Want Access for Longer?

Pay once to secure 5 years of unlimited access.  
Includes 2x45 minute coaching calls in addition to access to all current learn Thai content.  

“It is possible, even for old guys like me.  It’s absolutely possible and I’m very motivated now to go on to the next stage. 

The Learn Thai from a White Guy course, I can thoroughly recommend.”

 – Nigel,  UK

*Disclaimer: Nigel learned to read the Thai script using the first course in this program over 2.5 weeks. 

The time it takes you may vary from Nigel’s experience, but if you spend 30-60 minutes a day studying, you shouldn’t have any problems achieving similar results.

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This online Thai language program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. That means that you can learn how to read, write, say everything correctly and communicate more effectively. But if you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason whatsoever, just let us know within 30 days we’ll give you a refund. 

Please read our Terms of Service and Refund Policy for more details.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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