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The Middle Class Story

There is a middle class CHILD ( เด็ก) who likes to keep pets.

He has a FISH ( ปลา), a TURTLE ( เต่า) and a CHICKEN ( ไก่) .

Where does he keep these pets? In his BASIN ( อ่าง) of course. (Actually try to imagine a big bucket or a barrel with a chicken, a turtle and a fish swimming around inside it always bumping into each other)

The boy has to feed the pets. They eat LEAVES ( ใบไม้) . Again, imagine the chicken, fish and turtle swimming around in the basin thing and the kid with the ghost sheet is standing over the basin dropping in leaves for the 3 animals to eat.

Also, he needs to make sure they don’t get out so he keeps a big PLATE ( จาน) on top of the BASIN ( อ่าง).

* The story serves as a series of hooks to help us remember this group of letters. You need to learn them as a group and not doing so will make further steps problematic. Just trust me.

Now spend a few minutes drilling the following cards.  The sound will play, but that is not our focus right now.  Just try to remember the key words for each letter.  Look at the flashcard and try and remember which of the 7 letters it is. If you can’t remember just by looking, then run through the story to help you.

Another great way to get this to stick is to tell the story to someone else. You can also try writing out all the 7 letters from memory using the story to guide you.

*The audio played is the sound of the consonant plus an unwritten vowel that sounds like “aaw.” We’ll talk about this more later.

  • chicken

  • kid

  • turtle

  • basin

  • fish

  • plate

  • leaf
  • All Done!

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