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Phrase books generally tell you to say things like ลาก่อน or พบกันใหม่.

Nobody says ลาก่อน except maybe in Thai soap dramas or if they are being silly.  The expression feels very final so it’d be strange to use on someone you’ll be seeing again soon.

พบกันใหม่ is ok to use, but it feels a bit TOO stiff and polite for me.  I’m sure you can find Thai people who will tell you that you should say พบกันใหม่, but I think you would be very hard pressed to find many Thai people that actually says it themselves.   It always felt excessively polite and formal sounding to me.

All the ones below are normal and natural and are what you should be using.

Vocabulary Flashcards:

  • เจอ
    to meet
  • เจอกัน
    to meet someone; goodbye
  • แค่
  • นี้
  • แค่นี้
    that's all
  • คุย
    to talk/chat
  • All Done!

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