Introduction to Thai Sound System


After getting a grasp on the sounds in any language, I believe that one should move immediately into learning a pile of short phrases and sentences that you might actually use if you get the opportunity to speak the language with a native speaker. I may glance at phrase books or lists of common words, but I rarely make any effort to memorize those particular words until right before I need them. This works great at the phrase book level, but moving on from there can be frustrating since you quickly discover that the longer sentences in the phrase books and beginner books almost never reflect what a native speaker would say in those situations and often aren’t what you’d be likely to say either.

What I’ve done here is pulled many of the sentences from my “100 Sentence Project” from 2008 and created examples for each of them, added in explanations where helpful or needed and had a professional voice artist record everything. I prefer to leave out explanations unless necessary, but if a few people get confused on the same item, I’ll be happy to add them in as they come up.  If you have any questions about any of these sentences, feel free to send me message.  You can check out the first few lessons for free if you don’t have access to this course yet.

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