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Thai Valentine’s Day Phrases



  1. Valentine’s Day Thai Phrases
  2. Thai Love and Relationship Vocabulary
  3. Thai Compliments
  4. Thai Grammar Note – Giving Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or สุขสันต์วันวาเลนไทน์in Thai.

Here are all the Valentine’s Day Thai phrases that you’ll want to use with your partner this February 14th.

If you are looking for more phrases for saying “I love you” in Thai, check out this post: “How to say I Love you in Thai.”

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Valentine’s Day Thai Phrases

  • I miss you. คิดถึง (kit tueng) *This is one of  most important phrases to learn in Thai. To help you remember these together, think about your thoughts reaching out to someone.
  • I love you – ( ผม/ ฉัน)
    รักเธอ (not found)
    (phom/chan rak ter) 
    *Normally ฉัน (chan) is used by females, but men may use it in intimate situations.  I’d say the most common line in any Thai song is ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter).
  • I want to see you – อยากเจอ (yaak jur) *Don’t need to use any pronouns.
  • I will go see you – จะไปหา (ja ppai haa) *Don’t need to use any pronouns.
    • จะ – (ja) will (future tense marker)
    • ไปหา – (ppai haa) go to see (go+look for)

Thai Love and Relationship Vocabulary

Lover; sweetie; dear ที่รัก Tee rak
Girlfriend / boyfriend แฟน fan
To like ชอบ chawp
To have a secret crush on แอบชอบ App chawp
To kiss จูบ joop
single โสด soht
คู่ (not found)
to break up เลิก loek
to be in a relationship คบกัน khop gan
to feel
รู้สึก (not found)
ความรู้สึก (not found)
kwaam roo-suk
lonely เหงา ngao

Thai Compliments

beautiful สวย soo-ay
handsome หล่อ law
cute น่ารัก Naa rak
sexy เซ็กซี่ sek-sii
fit ฟิต fit


Thai Grammar Note – Gifts

There’s a few important sentence patterns in Thai that you’ll need to know when talking about giving and buying things for people.  

First, let’s quickly cover the key Thai words we’ll need:

In Thai, if you combine “to buy” with “to give,” you get the phrase for “to buy something for someone.”

to give ให้ hai
to buy ซื้อ sue 


ซื้อ ____ ให้  (sue ____ hai) – to buy something for someone 

*Note that whatever is being bought needs to come between BUY and GIVE.


Brett buys flowers for a friend. เบรทซื้อดอกไม้ให้เพื่อน Brett sue dawk-mai hai pheuan
Andy should buy flowers for his girlfriend. แอนดี้ควรจะซื้อดอกไม้ให้แฟน ann-dee koo-an ja sue dawk-mai hai fan
John forgot to buy flowers for his love. จอห์นลืมซื้อดอกไม้ให้ที่รัก jawn leum sue dawk-mai hai tee-rak
Nobody bought flowers for me. ไม่มีใครซื้อดอกไม้ให้เรา mai mee khrai sue dawk-mai hai rao
What do women want (as gifts) for Valentine’s Day?
ผู้หญิงอยากได้อะไรเป็นของขวัญวันวาเลนไทน์ (not found)
phoo-ying yaak dai arai ppen kawng-kawan wan-waa-len-tai