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Thai Numbers

Introduction to Thai Numbers

This is a quick completely free guide that includes everything you need to know about Thai numbers.

There is one main number system in Thai and most of the time, they will write using the Arabic Numerals that you are already used to (1,2,3, etc).  However, there is a Thai script version of the numbers and you will want to learn those eventually.  We’ll add them in below as a reference.

Instead of trying to memorize the Thai numbers 1-10, I’m going to break the numbers into groups of three which should make them easier to remember.

Are you ready to start learning those Thai numbers?

Wait! Don’t Thai Numbers have Tones?

Absolutely. As you may already know, Thai is a tonal language. This means that learning how to say a word (numbers!) also means you will need to learn what tone it takes.   It will be a little strange at first, but I promise if you stick around long enough, you’ll get used to it.  Whatever handicap tones may cause you at the early stages are a fair trade off for how easy it is to string sentences together once you have gotten comfortable with the pronunciation.

Thai language has 5 tones which you can read about here: Thai Tones

Here are the Thai numbers with pronunciation and audio.  First, let’s quickly look over 1-10.  No need to remember them all yet.  We’ll practice them in a minute.  Click on the Thai word, to hear the pronunciation.

Arabic Numeral

Thai Spelling / Pronunciation

Thai Numeral
1 หนึ่ง (nueng)
2 สอง (sawng)
3 สาม (saam)
4 สี่ (see)
5 ห้า (hah)
6 หก (hoke)
7 เจ็ด (jed)
8 แปด (ppaed)
9 เก้า (gaao)
10 สิบ (sip) ๑๐


Let’s practice the Thai numbers for 1-10.  Go through the flashcards below.  If you remember the number, click the check mark to remove the card from deck and the X box to shuffle it back into the deck.

  • หนึ่ง
    1 (nueng)
  • สอง
    2 (sawng)
  • สาม
    3 (saam)
  • สี่
    4 (see)
  • ห้า
    5 (hah
  • หก
    6 (hoke)
  • เจ็ด
    7 (jed)
  • แปด
    8 (ppaed)
  • เก้า
    9 (gaaw
  • สิบ
    10 (sib)
  • All Done!

For the Thai numbers 12-19, you just say the Thai word for 10 + 1-9.  Eleven, as well as all numbers in the 10s position that include a 1 use a different word to represent 1.   So, 11, 21, 31, through 91 use the word เอ็ด (eht) instead of หนึ่ง (nueng). Note, 11 and 21 in the table below.


11 สิบเอ็ด (sip-et) ๑๑
12 สิบสอง (sip-sawng) ๑๒
13 สิบสาม (sip-saam) ๑๓
14 สิบสี่ (sip-see) ๑๔
15 สิบห้า (sip-hah) ๑๕
16 สิบหก (sip-hoke) ๑๖
17 สิบเจ็ด (sip-jed) ๑๗
18 สิบแปด (sib-ppaed) ๑๘
19 สิบเก้า (sib-gaao) ๑๙


Thai Numbers 20 – 90

For the numbers in the TENS place, you just say NUMBER + TEN with one exception.  For 20, we don’t use the Thai number ‘2.’  Instead, we say ยี่สิบ (yee-sip).

20 ยี่สิบ (yee-sip) ๒๐
30 สามสิบ (saam-sip) ๓๐
40 สี่สิบ (see-sip) ๔๐
50 ห้าสิบ (hah-sip) ๕๐
60 หกสิบ (hoke-sip) ๖๐
70 เจ็ดสิบ (jed-sip) ๗๐
80 แปดสิบ (ppaed-sip) ๘๐
90 เก้าสิบ (gaao-sip) ๙๐

Thai Numbers 100-1 Million

100 หนึ่ง ร้อย (nueng roi) ๑๐๐
1000 หนึ่ง พัน (nueng pahn) ๑๐๐๐
10000 หนึ่ง หมื่น (nueng mueon) ๑๐๐๐๐
100000 หนึ่ง แสน (nueng saen) ๑๐๐๐๐๐
1000000 หนึ่ง ล้าน (nueng laan) ๑๐๐๐๐๐๐