Words 1-5, Step 1 - Learn Thai from a White Guy

Words 1-5, Step 1

Before clicking on the word, spend a moment working out the tone and pronunciation. You must practice the tone rules quite a bit until they become automatic and until then you should always try and work through all the steps before trying to read anything. It’s more work, but it’ll pay off big on that day when trumpets blare, you know the tone instantly.

Also, take note of the meaning, but we will be drilling these in flashcard format so there’s no need to memorize them now, just read through it a few times and pronounce the words aloud. Even if you know these words, do not skip this lesson. Work out the tones for each word and try to say it exactly like the recording.

Remember the steps:

  1. What consonant class am I dealing with?
  2. Are there any modifiers?


After you’ve gone through the above words, spend a few minutes drilling the meanings until you can get them all right. We will review these again later.  If you want extra practice, refresh the page and then do another couple round of the cards, but this time,  write them down.

  • ข้าว
  • ไป
    to go
  • มา
    to come
  • นอน
    to lay down
  • อยู่
    to be located at
  • All Done!