The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project – Cambodian Phase

The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project – Cambodian Phase

My  friend สนิด Phil from over at the SE Asia Movie Theater Project is trying to get setup to rummage through Cambodia to get some good shots and do a bit of investigating on the history of the many stand-alone movie theaters around the country before they get รื้อ’d by เดอะแมน.  His photos have been displayed a few times in CM of course, but he was also invited to the Busan Film Festival last year in Korea which was pretty awesome.   His shots were also displayed in Manila and he’ll probably end up in Indonesia later this year for another showing.

I tagged along with him on one adventure a few months back to อุทุมพรพิสัย and that’s the first 5-syllable city I’ve been to in a while.  We watched a movie there for a whopping 20 baht (no air con) and interviewed the lady and the projectionist about how they manage to keep it running.  It was pretty awesome.  We stayed at this แมลง infested “hotel” ตรงข้าวจาก the train station and I got violently ill and that was a little bit less awesome.

He’s using Kickstarter to raise a few bucks to help make it happen.  Check out his promotional vid below.  If you don’t know about Kickstarter, it’s basically a crowd-sourcing type model applied to fund-raising.  Anybody can post a vid and set a financial goal and try to get backers.  Backers put up money, but only if the goal is reached in the time allotted (by the poster) do the backers get charged.  It’s an all or nothing setup and it is pretty good stuff.

It’d be great if you could check out his blog (on my side bar) and vid  and maybe even throw a few bucks towards the project. If it happens, I plan to tag along for at least some of the ผจญภัย and learn some Khmer.  I’m a bit overdue in getting to Cambodia.


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