Bangkok Podcast

Bangkok Podcast

I headed down to Bangkok last weekend to do a podcast with the dashing fellows from Bangkok Podcast, Greg and Tony.  We had a good time and they had some พิซซ่า.

Check it out here.

learn thai from a white guy


  1. I agree about the importance of reading Thai as soon as possible, but what about writing? I live in Thailand but don’t work here and have never had the need to write anything. I’ve read enough that I can write some of the most common words, but I don’t know when to use the less common letters, the ending letters give me problems, letters under ์ etc. I’m at an intermediate level with my speaking, reading, and listening, and figured I would leave writing until I become fluent in the more useful skills, but I’m curious to know if you think it will hold me back at all.

    Thanks for the tip about the lakorn. It must be pretty popular… doing a youtube search I only had to type “ด” and it was the first item on the list.

    Can you tell me how much you charge for skype lessons or email me if you’d rather not post it here?

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