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100 Useful Thai Sentences

I recommend spending less time focusing on single words that and more on learning a bunch of super useful short sentences.  Many very important sentences in Thai are just 2 or 3 words so as soon as you can start fumbling  your way through easy words, I’d get started on these high frequency Thai phrases.

How do you learn these Thai sentences? First, you need to learn how to read the Thai script. Then choose a few of the sentences below and spend a bit of time practicing saying them aloud every day.  If you are in Thailand, start with sentences you can find an excuse to use in real life that tends to have the highest chance of sticking.  The order is arbitrary, but some of them will be more useful than others depending on your situation.



  1. I’m looking forward to seeing which 100 sentences you start with…

    Btw – now that you a growing collection of great posts, how about adding SRG Clean Archives? Archives by date and category soon become cumbersome to navigate.

  2. I’ve been using Anki for some months, but Thai language does not display correctly anymore since version 0.9.6. The author says that the problem is not with Anki but with Qt, one of the developpers tools he uses. He says that it’s up to the Qt programers to fix this problem, so I have to use version, the last one that displayed Thai text correctly. Haven’t you experienced this? Maybe it’s a bug that only happens in the Windows version? or have you found a solution?

  3. That has been a problem for me as well. I actually started over again with flashcards a few times recently due to lost data and other fun events so I don’t have any Thai cards at the moment.

    Have you tried any other programs? Mnemosyne is decent and I think displays Thai without any problems if I remember correctly.

    Also, you can always just review your cards via the anki website and edit them using the messed up display in the software when needed. Thats what my student does anyways.

  4. I thought of trying Mnemosine, but then I realized that using the last version of Anki that can display Thai text while waiting for the bug to be fixed is probably the best strategy. I can’t use the web interface, but Mnemosine doesn’t have one either.

  5. Any chance you will continue the sentence project? Just finished จำing and wanted to get more, I like the way all the chaff is cut out from them.

    Any other resources for good phrases? i’ve started doing the srs thing and wanted to find some good spots.

    I still see the thai bug is present with anki :/

    • gwindarr says

      I should get some new sentences in there. I started running into trouble once I hit the 60s. While Anki doesn’t display Thai properly anymore, you can try V-Train which is pretty good.

  6. I’ve stopped learning grammar and stuff like that at the moment and am just trying to concentrate of phrases. My knowledge is all over the place, I know some advanced stuff but still get stumped with the most basic phrases, so I think this will help.

    Sure it’s not easy to just remember stuff like that, perhaps find a list of them on the Internet and then cut the pronouns and the like out.

    Not had much luck with the softwares actually.

    vtrain – i can’t see any thai resources
    byki – costs an arm ฯ
    anki – the thai issue, if i get an old version, do you know any good places that share databases etc for thai

  7. forgot:


    easy stuff but useful for intermediate (probably) people like me with gaps in their basics, but a lot of the sentences have a lot of chaff attached that has to be culled.

    i’ll leave you in peace now, have a good day นะ

  8. I just messed around in Anki. The latest version displays Thai alright mostly.
    Current problems I found after messing around for a few: ก๋๋า
    ก๋๋า, อ้้อ — You need to type the tone mark twice for it to display.
    ก็, คื้อ, กื่,กื๋ – they appear as if touching in the software, but I still think its legible.

    In any case, assuming you have access to a decent connection you can always just use Anki’s web server for your cards.

    And before I answered the last post I tested v-train and it worked fine. I also used v-train for years in the past. Have you tried other fonts? Its possible some fonts don’t work well.

    Aside from what I’ve created I haven’t seen any online.

  9. I got there in the end with anki, I had not changed some of the font fields, they didn’t teach me that at uni in comp science :/

    I also sent an email with the spacing bug as you described, so hopefully they’ll be a fix or solution.

  10. bed8211fe6df2fb6

    added the sentance project and few others to anki, plus a few others that i was testing with^

  11. tom westheimer says

    A lot of people use(d) Anki to learn Thai. One problem in a recent version is that it does not show tonal markers, etc. properly.

    The “Anki Thai fix” – which I haven’t seen anywhere else posted so far – is to set font size (Settings>Fonts and Colors) to something really big (100 does the job). At that font size they show correctly.


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