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Remembering the Middle Class Consonants

I came up with this story the other day while making flashcards for one of my students.  Mnemonics are great.

In order for this mnemonic to work properly, you should try to imagine the story in your mind.  Pictures you make in your head are easier to remember than actual images.

To reinforce it you might make SRS cards to quiz you on the story.   Ex – Q – What pets does the middle class kid keep?  A ปลา ไก่ เต่า

There is a middle class kid (เด็ก) who likes to keep pets.

He has a fish (ปลา), a turtle (เต่า) and a chicken (ไก่).

Where does he keep these pets?  In his basin (อ่าง) of course.  (Actually try to imagine a big bucket with a chicken, a turtle and a fish swimming around inside it always bumping into each other)

He needs to feed the pets.  They eat leaves (ใบ ไม้).

Also, he needs to make sure they don’t get out so he keeps a big plate (จาน) on top of the อ่าง.

Yes, I left out the other 2 as they aren’t vital when you first start reading.  If you are solid on this story its easy to add in the other ones.


  1. interesting Idea:

    So with the high class consonants you could tell a story about catching animals. So I will give this a shot and I will use a Q+A system so your quizzing flashcard Idea still stands;

    Catching Animals

    1: Who is going to catch animals?
    The hermit (ษ) is going to catch animals.

    2: What animals is the hermit going to catch?
    The hermit is going to catch Bees (ผ) and Tigers (ส).

    3: How does the Hermit catches Bees and tigers?
    Well he lures them with a cymbal (ฉ) and some eggs (ข)

    4: Where does he store these catched animals?
    He uses a bottle (ฃ) for the Bee and a bag (ถ) or a box (ห)for the tiger.

    5: Where does he bring the catched animals?
    He brings them to his base (ฐ)

    Then I have two left I see…. Lid/cover (ฝ) and shelter (ศ)
    but they could be easily weaved into the story I guess.

    The story doesn’t make sense but…. still 😀

    Ps: Nity from SPB software says hi to you

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