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Aug 5 – Video

Bunch of new vids from yesterday.   My busy-ness level is getting pretty insane.    Feedback on vids on my youtube channel would be very much appreciated.  Tell me what you like and what you don’t like so I can make this thing better.  Its a lot of work for me to rope native speakers into doing this on a regular basis without pay and to keep them showing up.  Especially since none of the Thai speakers (that I’m aware of) ever bother to check the vids unless I actually show them.

There are quite a few clips today so I’m going to avoid posting them all here.  Just check out the latest vids on my channel below.

More Lang Space Vids – Thai

First a couple of au pair stories.



Still More Vids – Thai

So I’m super busy right now as I’m moving and have a bunch of projects going on, but should still be able to get new vids up twice a week.  Wednesday’s Thai session turned out pretty awful so I’m posting a couple vids from July 18th that I had sitting around.

A few notes about the Julia Roberts vid –

Notice that she uses a lot of English words in this clip.  This is pretty normal in Thai.

เสียงดัง means a loud noise/sound

ออกเสียง can mean ‘to pronounce’ ‘to make a noise’ ‘to vote for/elect’

มีชื่อเสียง means to be famous or well-known (Mnemonic – A noisy name tends to be well known)

A person who is ดัง is also well-known or famous.


And here is another one.  I was looking through Stuff magazine (Thai version) and they were selling a hoverboard.


More Thai Clips!

Last sessions stuff came out bad so I didn’t upload anything.  Yesterday’s session went great so here is a couple to start with.

Language Space Continues

The group has been taking a different direction lately.  As the number of people coming fluctates considerably, we’ve been messing around with a few different things.

Not all of these vids are interesting,  but its material.  If anybody has a request for a topic, we can give it a try.


The next 2 are a bit different.  The questions are in Thai, but the answers are in Korean.  Fun stuff.



More Language Space Vids


There are a few more at the links below or you can just check ’em out on my channel.

I used the lowest quality settings on the camera this time so I could film more stuff.   There was a group of loud people nearby which killed the sound on most of the clips.   It might be time to start messing with microphones.  Can anybody recommend a decent one?