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Tone Up

Being able to say the correct tone is great and all, but ultimately if you want to speak ชัด-ly, it all comes down to rhythm.  Reading stuff out loud helps.  Having a native speaker correct you is good also.  If this isn’t convienent, then just having the original audio for a body of text is fine as well.   Start easy.  Look for interesting content.   Listen to it a lot.  If you need help finding interesting content, just ask.  

Here are some easy common examples:  

ไป ไหน มา      common-rising-common

ว่า จะ ใด         falling-low-common

ไม่ ว่าง             f – f

ไ ม่ ได้ ไป     f – f- c

วัน นี้  เหรอ   c-high-r


  1. The FSI tape for Vietnamese has a rather awesome section on tones. It gives example sentences in almost every mathematically possible tone combination, up to four or five syllables long.

    I was *very* disappointed that the Thai tapes didn’t have this.

  2. Bobthemonkey says

    Thanks again for all your help. Now I know I am a total muppet but I can do a literal translation of this text but I have no one to ask what these lines mean. Please can you give the meaning…, if you said each line 3 times in Thai and attached it that would be even better, my fingers are crossed.
    BTW Did you catch that series Botan (I think it was on ch.7 about Nov2008), I just loved it cos I like the old guy loosing it big time all the time with son #3 for no apparent reason.

  3. Where’d you get thai tapes from Abbie ?

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