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Language Space Continues

The group has been taking a different direction lately.  As the number of people coming fluctates considerably, we’ve been messing around with a few different things.

Not all of these vids are interesting,  but its material.  If anybody has a request for a topic, we can give it a try.


The next 2 are a bit different.  The questions are in Thai, but the answers are in Korean.  Fun stuff.



More Language Space Vids


There are a few more at the links below or you can just check ’em out on my channel.

I used the lowest quality settings on the camera this time so I could film more stuff.   There was a group of loud people nearby which killed the sound on most of the clips.   It might be time to start messing with microphones.  Can anybody recommend a decent one?

แฟนฉัน Clip – Transcript

So here is a repost to that clip and a transcript of it.  I’ll check it tomorrow, but possible spelling errors/typos aside, it should be really close if not spot on.

Another Language Space Video


More Thai from the Language Space group.

Language Space Vid

Here is an excerpt from the language group that I started.