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Language Space in Chiang Mai

Lately, I’ve been busy working an idea I’ve had for a couple of years now.  Its rather simple in theory – a space where you can go to on a regular basis and get exposure to the target language.

So I’ve set up a group session that meets twice a week for an hour each language/time.  At the moment, this includes Thai and English.   I’ve only had 2 rounds so far, but I think it went pretty well.

Basically, 1+ native speakers do most of the talking while everyone else just listens.  The topic is clear beforehand and its ok for the listeners to ask questions to keep the speaker talking.  There are no lessons are books or whatever.

In the event there are any readers in CM interested in checking this out, do let me know.  I can be reached at LTfaWG (spelled out) AT gmail DoT com.

As I said, at the moment its just Thai and English.  Burmese and Korean are next in line.

I’m still messing around with some (rather terrible) recording equipment as I’d like to record the sessions and release them.  I think they’d be a good resource.   The sound at the moment still isn’t as good as I’d like it to be.  Hopefully I will figure something out.   I tried video as well yesterday, but I haven’t checked the footage yet.  I’ll youtube any vids that come out ok.

Another Vid – Mostly English

This is the 2nd vid I did like this.  The first one is coming soon.   Let me know if you want more stuff like this.  I did it because of some requests on my youtube channel a while back.

Also, I’m probably going to Bangkok for a few days at the end of this month if anybody wants to meet up and/or get a lesson I should have some free time.


I Also Speak English Sometimes

Not too often though.  This is a vid about tones.  It got cut off when the mem card filled up and I never finished it.  Its a bit raw. I’m away for a few days so it will just have to do.



Another LTfaWG Video

I’m off-camera this time interviewing someone else.


As requested, here are some potentially SRS-worthy vocabulary from the clip:

  • อากาศไม่สะอาด       the air isn’t clean
  • เพิ่งกลับมาเมื่อวาน   I just got back yesterday
  • พูดดัง                         speak up/speak louder
  • ไกล้ (จะ) สอบ แล้ว   almost time for exams
  • Mau ke mana?        where are ya going?
  • Mau belanja.          Going to the market.
  • Bagaimana.             Its good/I’m good.
  • Apa kabar?              Whats new?
  • ที่อินโดมีศาสนาอะไรบ้าง    What religions to they have in Indonesia?
  • ค้นหา คือ search       ค้นหา means (to) search
  • ไ ปนานมี้ย                       did you go for long?
  • พูดไ ด้รึยัง                 So then can you speak (something yet)? **refers to Bahasa Indonesia

Podcast 1 – My friend studies at CMU

Short audio blurp from a vid I didn’t finish. I have a few of these. If I can edit out most of the garbage I’ll try and put ’em up soon.

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