Consistency is Key


  1. For me, to really retain something (like language), I learn by writing – so I have chosen to learn to read, write, and speak Thai at the same time. I saw this post before my recent trip and decided to try it out…

    I couldn’t find a notebook that I liked (don’t smirk – there was a reason) – so instead, I just kept a folded piece of paper in my pocket (ala – but I didn’t cut the dotted line). This, plus the pen I always have with me… and I was able to converse and learn with just about anyone I encountered.

    As for the reason for the pocket mod and not a notebook? I needed something to sit flat in my pocket and not get caught on anything on the way in or out. I could not finnd my preferred moleskines – all I could find were those crappy spiral notepads that I have never liked…

    End result: In two weeks, I filled six “booklets” – refilling from the hotel stationary folder in my room when I needed a new one.

    When interacting with the Thai’s, the doors really opened when they understood I was serious about having them write the word I didn’t understand in Thai… after that, there was almost a line of people wanting to teach me a new word (or simply to see if I could really read words in Thai).

    Well worth the experiment. (Of course, now these booklets are very valuable to me – and fragile… time to find a thin notebook for my next trip… but then again, maybe I’m just made for “cheap” paper…)

    • Thanks! That looks pretty cool. I’m gonna print out some test books later and carry it around for a few days. The problem with these little ring-pads that I keep in my back pocket is that the rings inevitably get crushed.

  2. mike g says:

    Mark,I liked the idea to get the thais to write the words down so you could copy them. I have been keeping a notebook myself, writing the thai in English sounds, then trying to form the words in my thai.. so to get the correct spelling is a brilliant idea.


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