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  1. Barry Elliott says

    Hi. I am a big fan of encouraging my students to read, and think it is a great way to acquire new language/lexis/vocabulary. As you say, readers (Penguin, Oxford, Cambridge etc) are perfect, due to the graded level and the fact that only a certain amount of headwords are used and recycled throughout the books. I try to practice what I preach by reading an learning lexis/vocabulary from what I read. I currently use children’s fairy-tales, but I would love something along the same lines of graded readers. Can you recommend any graded style readers in Thai?



    • Barry – There aren’t any decent Thai graded-readers that I know of. The best thing to do is to stick with a particular topic/genre for a while until you get pretty good at it. Hire someone to help you read. The Wimpy kid books are a decent place to start, but the most important thing is that you are already interested in the stuff you are reading about.

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