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Thai Alphabet – Middle Class Consonants Part 3

The Thai alphabet has oodles of vowels. We need to cover more of them so you can begin to work out the names of some of the other middle class consonants.

What vowels do we know so far?


ไอ ใอ



Let’s throw 2 more into the mix.

อุ and อู. Think of these vowels as siblings. They are essentially the same sound, but the longer shaped vowel, has um, the longer sound. Remember that the actual vowel symbols are simply ุ and ู while the อ is just a place holder we use to spell the vowels. Note that they go under the letter they are modifying.

While we’re at it, I should mention the long อา vowel sounds sidekick อะ. So the อ [ออ อ่าง] along with those sperm or comma-like symbols give us the short vowel อะ. This is one of those sounds your gonna need to hear. Kinda like the ‘a’ in about.

Oh yea, if you want big pretty pictures of the Thai alphabet, you can find some at

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